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What we have done 

Engagements we have worked on include:

  • Wayne worked as a consultant for the U.S.’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations, (TFBSO) analyzing how to strengthen Afghanistan’s financial sector and increase the export of selected commodities.

  • Wayne worked as a consultant for a leading international development bank on behalf of a country’s financial regulator, analyzing the feasibility of creating a commodity exchange to further modernize the economy of a developing country. He analyzed all commodities suitable for export. 

  • The banks serving developing countries tend to lag their peers in developed countries in offering loans to SMEs. Ahmad and Wayne contributed to a study aimed at improving the success of SME loans in a lesser developed country.

  • Ahmad served as acting CEO of a leading Afghan bank. He initiated an operational restructuring of the bank, reducing operational costs by 29%. He also conducted a financial restructuring: diversifying the equity shareholders’ base by bringing in new institutional debt and equity investors. Finally, he revamped the senior management team, recruiting a new CEO, CFO, COO, CRO, and CIO.

  • Ahmad assisted Afghanistan’s central bank in developing a revised and renewed comprehensive mortgage regulatory framework for the mortgage market, including a mortgage toolkit and media awareness program that gave Afghan citizens the ability to buy and own houses in the country. The framework is currently being implemented in a series of steps.

  • Working with the law firm DLA Piper and a partnering consulting firm, Ahmad drafted and presented a concept note to the World Bank, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance, and the U.S. Treasury Department for establishing an "Asset Reconstruction Agency" in Afghanistan. The purpose of the Agency would be: 1) to buy non-performing loans from banks in an effort to provide more liquidity to the banks, 2) to allow banks for reinvesting in better assets, and 3) to become more compliant with IMF and international banking standards. The concept note is under consideration by the central bank.

  • Also working with DLA Piper, Ahmad worked on a modernized foreclosure and eviction law for Afghanistan. 

  • Ahmad is currently working on engagement on behalf of a leading international development bank, analyzing the possible merger of two banks serving a country in Central Asia.

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